Songs for G

Composed and performed by Charles Kriel

Songs for G was awarded the Anerkenung Ars Electronica Prize in 1997, and is permanently archived by Austria's state broadcaster, the ÖRF; Ars Electronica; and Europeana Collections.
From the original submission materials:
"Songs for G", written between Christmas 1996 and May 1997, is a reflective work dealing with the character of stories I was told by a friend - an artist - who found them too difficult to tell within a creative work. Songs for G does not attempt representation (either narratively or sonically), but rather tries to create a psychological space for the listener to enter which might be similar to both the space I occupied while composing the work and the space inhabited by G through much of life at that time.
My compositional strategies grow from earlier experiments with attempting to strip sound of any sense of melody, harmony or meter - that is, to compose from a model of pure timbre. Ultimately, all four methods of ordering music have found their way back into my practice, but recombined into a new method that satisfies both my attempts to speak an auto-didactically-led musical language, and my desire. The second strategic impetus in Songs for G comes from current experiments with escaping sonic representation and divorcing sound from its source, or at least creating a greater ambiguity in the relationship between the source of a timbre and the timbre itself.
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