How to DVJ

Duncan Dick, Editor, Mixmag: "The godfather of DVJing has written the definitive book on the subject. Don't even consider taking up DVJing without reading this book. Well-written, instructive, and absolutely essential. This is the bible for the 21st century DJ."
Lesley Wright, Editor, DJ Mag: "Kriel is the Oracle of DVJing and his book opens the door into tomorrow's futuristic DJing world today."
Richard Arness, Gear Editor, iDJ Magazine: "Right now DVJing is the cutting edge of our art form and Charles Kriel is a pioneer of the movement. So whether you're a novice in need of comprehensive schooling or an old proafter a few preciise pointers How to DVJ is all you need."
How to DVJ was commissioned by Pioneer. A manual on DJing, production and the lost art of DVJing - DJing from DVDs - How to DVJ was a real labour of love for me. And it was my first book! Out of print now, you can still find a used copy here and there.
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